Brokerage FAQs

For many individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, finding the resources they need in the community can be an overwhelming task.  At MENTOR Oregon, our Brokerage Services establish Individualized Support Plans (ISPs) to assist the adults we serve in translating their needs into workable goals.  We work closely with a variety of providers and connect individuals with vital resources in the communities that they call home.

What Services are Provided by MENTOR Oregon Brokerage?

MENTOR Oregon’s Brokerage Services offer a way for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities living in the community to access the services they need and want in order to live rich, active lives.  Personal Agents assist each Brokerage customer with planning, resource referrals, problem solving and accessing services within the community that meet individualized, person-driven goals.

What is a Personal Agent?

Personal Agents are case managers responsible for assisting the adults we serve in finding and maintaining quality providers and services in the community.  The agents ensure that each person’s Individualized Service Plan (ISP) is focused on helping them achieve positive outcomes.  They monitor the plans, help set new goals and make ongoing adjustments as individuals reach milestones.

How Would Someone Pay for Services?

There is no cost to the adults who receive Brokerage Services.  All Brokerage Services are paid for with a mix of state general funds and Federal Medicaid dollars.  Our personal agents work to find and utilize additional community resources to help each person achieve their goals.

I Know Someone Who Would Benefit from Brokerage Services.
How Do They Get Started?

First, the individual needs to be determined eligible for Developmental Disability services through their county of residence.  The individual or their family members should contact their DD program in the county and ask to be evaluated for service eligibility.  If the person is eligible for services, he or she will then have the option of requesting Brokerage Services.  Once that request has been made, the county will make a referral to a local Brokerage within 90 days.  From there, county service coordinators can usually offer estimates as to when the applicant may be enrolled.

Contact the office nearest you for more information about MENTOR Oregon’s Brokerage Services.