Adult Services

At MENTOR Oregon, we believe that everyone is capable of reaching new heights and thriving in the community.  Our services for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities focus on personal choice while recognizing the specialized, and often complex, needs of the individuals we serve.

We understand that no two people are alike.  That's why our residential programs and support services are individualized to meet unique needs and preferences.  We help adults of all ages and abilities live rich, meaningful lives in the communities that they call home.

Whether individuals have spent their lives in institutional settings or lived with family members, we offer a range of services and deliver effective home- and community-based programs, including:

  • Residential Homes: Provide personalized services and 24-hour support to help adults be active members of the community.
  • Supported Living: Offers support with everyday needs for adults who have made the transition into independent living.
  • Alternative to Employment: Helps individuals develop skills through structured activities, social interaction and skill-building.
  • Employment Services: Offers personalized vocational training and job-placement services to create successful employment experiences.

Each of our programs offers the individuals we serve the clinical, medical, behavioral and personal supports they need to be successful.