Program Participants Display Their Talents at Art Exhibit


The individuals served by the Brain Injury & Mental Health vocational program in Portland, recently hosted an art show, “Color World,” at 100th Monkey Studio in Portland.  The exhibit lasted from November 2 through December 2 and showcased the artistic talents of adults with mental health challenges and acquired brain injury (ABI).

The Color World exhibition featured an array of artwork, as well as live music.  The art gallery displayed several paintings, drawings and collages made by artists in the vocational program.  Also on display were a selection of stories and poems written by program participants.  A live jazz group, which included a member of the program staff, performed on opening night and kept the evening lively and the guests entertained.

“I had a lot of fun at Color World,” said Aaron Cunningham, who receives services through the Portland program.  “The show had great music and two of my pictures sold.  It was great.”

The community was encouraged to attend the exhibit, where artists were able to interact with guests, discuss their artwork on display, and answer questions about the creative process.  The exhibition was a big hit, generating numerous sales of art, as well as 2013 calendars and catalogs of the artwork that was on display.  Most importantly, the artists were recognized for their hard work and enjoyed an uplifting and encouraging atmosphere among the public and friends.

“It was all business, because I was trying to sell my pictures,” art show participant Jim Mary said.  “I definitely enjoyed the band.  I really like jazz.”

MENTOR Oregon’s Brain Injury & Mental Health program is customized to meet each individual’s needs and build upon their strengths.  To learn more, contact the office nearest you for more information.

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