MENTOR Oregon Presents at Resource Fair


MENTOR Oregon Resource FairMENTOR Oregon participated in the Washington County Resource Fair on April 11.  The event was held at the Edwards Center in Aloha and featured 36 vendors and a turnout of more than 400 individuals.  Those numbers greatly exceeded the expectations of event organizers.

The fair provided students, parents and educators with information—via resources and presentations—on housing, social security, brokerage services, employment, self-advocacy, and recreation opportunities, with a specific focus on transitioning from high school to adult life.  A goal of the event was to develop awareness of the broad spectrum of service agencies available in Washington County.  MENTOR Oregon’s information booth was staffed with leaders from our Brokerage, Alternative to Employment, and Community Supported Employment service lines.

The event provided the agency an excellent opportunity to connect with other Washington County service providers, school district personnel, and individuals and families seeking services.

“It was lively with constant booth traffic and plenty of questions about both MENTOR’s vocational and brokerage services,” MENTOR Oregon community employment specialist Gary Chiaravalli said.

The fair was a huge success in creating awareness within the community about MENTOR Oregon and the services and supports that we offer.

“Representing MENTOR Oregon is always a fantastic opportunity,” said Shelby Walts, a personal agent in MENTOR Oregon’s brokerage service.  “I was pleasantly surprised to bump into a few of the individuals we serve and connect them with resources.  In fact, one individual is now going to be participating in a small socialization group that she learned about at the fair.  Connections and networking are strong points for MENTOR Oregon and the community.”

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