MENTOR Oregon Artists Show the "Value" of their Work


art show, mentor oregon, IDD, brooklyn artsThe Brooklyn Art Space Alternative to Employment program's 6th art show, this one called "Value," was another stunning success.  Over 70 attendees gathered to view and purchase artwork created by MENTOR Oregon’s Vocational programs.  The theme was focused on found objects and sensory objects that many of the individuals we serve use in their daily lives.

The show created interest among family, friends, staff, and commnunity members.  The atmosphere of the event even drew in people walking by to see what was going on.  All of the shows that the Brooklyn Art Space has put on has helped it secure its place in the surrounding art community.

Participants were more than pleased with the turnout of the event and the interest in each of their pieces.  Program participant Jim Freeberg sold one of his massive watercolor paintings, while Stepahnie Zillman’s “Cosmic Bob Cat” drew plenty of interest and started many conversations.  There were even paintings that had been a part of the program for over five years that new attendees couldn’t wait to purchase.

“We are excited for another year of creating art” Brooklyn Arts program director Joshua Peyton said.  “We enjoy connecting with our community through our shows and giving back to the individuals by selling their talented pieces.”

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